HELP! skree die tiener se pa


Op ʼn forum vir ouergesprekke lees ek hierdie hulpkreet van ʼn pa. Wat sou jy doen as jy in sy skoene was:

So, my wife and my 15-year-old daughter battle. And I get caught in the middle. tiener 1

She is a good kid. She doesn’t drink, smoke or get in trouble. My wife is a good mom. She was a GREAT Mom when my daughter was younger, but now that my daughter has a mind of her own, things have gone off the rails!

My wife wants my support. But a lot of the time, I don’t agree with her. I think she needs to give our 15-year-old some space. Stop tracking her phone. Stop going into her room so much. Tell her that she had five more minutes to finish the conversation rather than just demanding her phone. Stop making comments about her weight and eating habits. These are all triggers to fights.

Sometimes their fight escalates and I have to get involved and then they are both yelling at me!

What am I to do? HELP!

Hoe algemeen is ‘n scenario soortgelyk aan die een? Watter raad het jy vir die moedelose man?

Hou hierdie spasie dop. Oor ‘n week of twee begin soek ons na oplossings.

Skrywer: FXit.lessewatleef

BA degree Stellenbosch: Afrikaans-Nederlands and French Two diplomas in children's ministry: Petra Institute for Children's Ministry and UNISA. Staying in Centurion, Gauteng, South Africa

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